Alex Urquhart
Geomatics Professional

What I'm Thinking

What Is It? is a free web app I made to help you plan and map running and cycling routes. Using automatic routing API’s or manual mode if you choose, you can plan out and find the exact distance of routes you want to take before you step out the door. The site is fully usable on desktop and on mobile. See It In Action In case you are unable to view the site (if you can’t please drop me a line! ... Read More

SSH Port Forwarding Made Easy

Published on: 13 February 2018
Have you ever wanted to access a resource on a remote server from your home computer? The standard ssh utility includes a feature called tunneling, or ssh port forwarding that can help you accomplish this. It’s a useful tool if you want to connect to a remote e-mail server, database, or application server. Personally, whenever I’ve wanted to do this I always end up googling the flags and parameters I need to use. ... Read More

Set Up a PostGIS Database With Docker

Published on: 29 October 2017
For GIS users who haven’t heard of PostGIS: PostGIS is a spatial database extender for PostgreSQL object-relational database. It adds support for geographic objects allowing location queries to be run in SQL. In this tutorial post we’ll cover how to install and run a PostGIS database on Windows using Docker, a popular containerization platform. We’ll then connect to the database and use it in both QGIS and ArcGIS Pro. ... Read More
Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is a browser-based tool that enables end-users to create interactive mapping applications using their own data. The Developer Edition of Web AppBuilder provides a framework for developers to create custom themes and widgets for Web AppBuilder using the Dojo Toolkit and the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Anybody who has worked with the Dojo toolkit for any length of time knows that creating custom Dojo widgets is a less than pleasant experience. ... Read More

Backing Up and Transferring Your Reddit Account

Published on: 29 January 2017
I started doing a basic experiment with the Reddit API in May 2016. I was initially interested in working with web-based OAuth2 authentication, which I hadn’t done before, so I started hacking away using Flask, PRAW, and SQLAlchemy. There was really no set goal, I just wanted to experiment with extracting data from my account and displaying it on a webpage. It later dawned on me that if you have had a Reddit account for awhile and have saved a few hundred different items, that there is no readily available tool to extract that and back it up somewhere. ... Read More